Diving - A Wife's Perspective!

I don't dive, haven't even tried it, I tell myself I don't think I could cope with the ear pain which I think I would suffer with as when flying or in cold winds and that's enough of an excuse for now. Maybe one day I will be persuaded to stop snorkelling, which I love and head under water to join the boys and fish.

So what have I got to say about diving then? Only that its changed my life! There's something about the boys, its so much more than just diving buddies, the circle grows to include the wifes and girlfriends and a new social life is born.

There is the downside of being a diving wag and the social side of the group, especially being a non diver and that is all the diving talk! You know what I mean, they just can't help themselves, off they go again, comparing stories and scars, the latest kit, the new dive site. It's actually interesting the first time but please, I thought you were only supposed to start repeating tales as you get older and senile.

There is a great side to this hobby and that is the friends we've met, divers are all ages, nationalities and social circles. They are people you may not have chosen to be friends as the only thing in common in the beginning is diving, maybe its living on an island, but you do rely on your friends, they are the ones you can call on in times of need and a strong bond has developed between us.

So what does a diving wag do when the boys are diving? They enjoy some personal time out too! What about the diving holidays? Well, you can either tag along or plan your own! I've done both and I'll tell you about them in a later post.