Eight Gifts to buy a Diver

Long suffering dive partners will already know that we spend too much money on our kit! But what do you buy a diver for their birthday or for any other celebration? This list will give you some ideas, and I’ve deliberately steered clear of anything practical that we might actually need! These are things most divers would like, but which are non essential.

Divers Photo

  • Glow Sticks. These glow green when snapped underwater and can provide some interesting, and eerie effects in a cave.

  • Citizen diver’s watch. Instant badge of recognition for divers on land, especially the one with the expanding rubber strap.

  • Laser pointer. Yes, you can buy underwater laser pointer’s now, to show your buddies what you’re looking at.

  • Buzzer or sub duck. This is a device attached to a low pressure hose, and is used for making a sound to attract attention – much cooler than a rattle.

  • iDive. A waterproof case and headphones for iPod, rated to 100 meters!

  • Headlamp. Great for cave and wreck divers as it leaves hand free to collect all the booty!

  • Hewee. Enables a male diver to wee while in a drysuit!

  • SMB inflator. No more messing around with the octopus, the inflator has a narrow point and button to make inflating anything easy.


Can you add anything to this list? If so, let me know in comments.


Which Piece of Kit Should I Buy First?

You’ve passed your initial qualifications, you’ve had a few dives and it’s time to buy your first piece of kit! Much as you’d like to go out and splash several thousands dollars, Euros or Pounds on a complete set of dive gear, you can’t afford to, so you’re going to gradually build up your own kit. Where do you start, assuming you already have your log book?

Dive Computer

Scuba Mike's Red Sea Trip - Part One


I was lucky enough to be invited by a UK dive club last year to join them on a liveaboard trip to The Red Sea. Termed a “wrecker’s tour” we would be diving most of the best known shipwrecks in the northern part of the sea, based on Tornado Marine Fleet's flag vessel Whirlwind.