Update on Poseidon Regulator Review

About six months ago I wrote a review of the Extreme regulator, in fact quite a glowing report. Six months down the line I am afraid it is quite a different story,

They have gone wrong no less than four times, the most recent potentially, and I don’t say this lightly, life threatening to a less experienced diver than myself.

I feel I should point out that I have maintained them exactly as Poseidon required. The first time after a few dives, the first stage started leaking, this turned out to be a perforated diaphragm. Then twice on separate dives, at the end of an inhalation, the reg started to give me about one second more of air, it was assumed that this was dirt getting in the second stage spring.

On the most recent dive, at 25 Mtrs, the second stage gave me a bit more air, then suddenly went in to high pressure free flow. That blew the reg out of my mouth!! I went for my octopus, but now the main reg was flying around like a demented python, it hit my mask and pushed it down over my mouth. Having by now swallowed a fair bit of the ocean, I managed to get my octopus in and control the main reg but within about 3 or 4 minuets all my air had gone, so I was then sharing with my buddy.

I now await the results of an examination by the dealer. However there is one other disturbing thing - having spoken with Poseidon UK, they can find no trace of the serial numbers of my regs. Are they genuine? Watch this space!!

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